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Natural Hand Creams

Hands can be a tell-tale sign of old age, so you’d want to make sure when taking care of your hand’s skin health, you only use the best quality, natural hand cream products.

Using a quality hand cream is the most efficient way to restore and repair damaged and dry hands, helping them to appear both younger, as well as looking and feeling softer.

The hands are used all day and can often be prone to oxidative damage, as well as damage from UV rays that could contribute to dryness; Some of the reasons as to why you need to be cautious with the hand care products you pick.

Why should I choose Glo’s hand care products?

We at Glo don’t believe in the use of harmful filler ingredients such as parabens and talc, so our unique natural hand care products do not include them.

Glo’s hand cream products also contain numerous beneficial active ingredients within, some of which including Vitamin C as well as E, to give the hands the nutritional boost they need on a daily basis. 

Vitamin C is essential for boosting the skin’s collagen production, allowing it to restore its natural elasticity. Vitamin C is also beneficial for its anti-oxidising effects, helping to alleviate free radicals as well as sun damage.

Vitamin E is useful as it is too an anti-oxidant, helping to soften the skin as well as prevent inflammation. Another benefit of Vitamin E is its ability to help smooth over scars as well as improve the signs of ageing in the hands.

Our Solar Shade with SPF 50 works as both a sun protecting product as well as a natural hand cream. We at Glo Skin Beauty UK wanted to cover all bases with our range; This hand cream includes all the above-mentioned active ingredients as well as high SPF to help prevent future damage to the hands, as well as helping to restore them.