Hyaluronic Acid Skincare Products

The range of products here at Glo Skin Beauty using hyaluronic acid is quite large, and that's because it really can help with a variety of skin issues. We will get in to what hyaluronic acid (HA) is exactly in a minute, but for now you can rest assured that it is safe and natural.

Our selection includes products that most women use on a regular basis, such as the oil-free sunscreens and moisturisers, makeup remover, and so on. We also have specialised products such as the Healing Gel to help soothe and repair dry, acne-prone skin, and the Phyto-Active Face Cream with anti-ageing properties.

What is hyaluronic acid?

It may sound strange to hear people recommending you put acid on your skin, but don't panic – hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is produced naturally by the human body, and is safe to use. The reason it is included as an ingredient in many skincare products these days, particularly anti-ageing products, is that the body produces less HA as we grow older.

An interesting point about the HA molecule is that it is too big to penetrate the pores in your skin. This means that it will remain at the surface level to carry out the many jobs it does. However, this doesn't mean you'll be walking around with a layer of grease on your face all day after using a product, because it is a natural substance and it integrates well with your skin, the natural oils, and the HA you already have.

This drop in HA production over time brings about the need for hyaluronic acid skin care products to address the related issues. The issues caused by having less HA may include increased skin sensitivity, dull or uneven skin tone, increased visibility of fine lines, among other skin conditions and issues which we'll talk about next.

Hyaluronic acid skincare benefits 

Now that we've gone over what hyaluronic acid is, let's take a closer look at what it does exactly and how it can benefit your skin. The main benefit is that HA is very good at retaining water. By keeping the moisture levels in the skin at appropriate levels, it provides many secondary benefits as a result, such as diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

HA can provide similar effects, although not as drastic, as a surgical lift. This happens because when the skin retains more moisture it won't appear as saggy as before. Through regular use of a product containing HA, the skin begins to appear more firm, or plump, resulting in a younger look.

Collagen is another naturally-occurring substance in the human body that has many benefits, from anti-ageing to generally healthier skin. Luckily for us all, hyaluronic acid and collagen play well together – the HA helps collagen remain flexible while also nourishing it so that collagen production may be increased.

Hyaluronic acid skincare products have also been shown to help the skin heal faster, while also providing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is now used in many treatment products for acne.