Jojoba Oil Makeup & Skincare Products 

Organic jojoba oil is an excellent multi-tasking ingredient. In Glo Skin Beauty's Jojoba skincare products include organic jojoba oil, your skin will benefit enormously. It seals in moisture, protects against dry skin and creates an effective barrier against external damage. what's more, organic jojoba oil for the face can help to balance oil production and reduce excessively oily skin. Thus, it can help in treating acne through both controlling the sebaceous glands from producing sebum and acting as an anti-inflammatory to soothe and calm the skin.

Here at Glo Skin Beauty UK we like natural ingredients, so when we can find something that is so natural and so effective, we end up putting it in a lot of products. As you can see here, we have quite a few jojoba oil makeup & skincare products as well as makeup, and you are about to hear why we like it so much. The main reason is that it really works for a variety of skin issues, and secondary to that is its ability to provide multiple benefits to the skin with just one natural ingredient. Now, let's see what it does.

Jojoba oil benefits for skin

Jojoba is a great moisturiser and it can also penetrate deeper in to the skin because of its weight, which means the moisture and nourishing goodness reaches deeper in to your skin for a greater and longer lasting effect.

As an ingredient in our Restorative Cream and other jojoba skin products, it allows people with sensitive skin to seek a natural approach to dehydration issues while delivering the ozone-protective ingredients at a deeper level.

Jojoba oil is packed with goodness from vitamins E and B, minerals, and antioxidants which help the skin to heal faster, look better, and also provide anti-ageing benefits when used on a regular basis.

Another benefit is that jojoba is similar to the naturally occurring oils on the face, which is why it penetrates the skin so well, but it also means that it won't hang around and leave a greasy residue.

What skin conditions can jojoba oil help with?

Jojoba oil makeup and other skin care products can help with a variety of  skin conditions. In the case of makeup, jojoba helps people with sensitive skin, rosacea, and so on, by avoiding the common adverse reactions that can come from using traditional makeup.

When it comes to jojoba oil for skin such products as creams and natural cleansers, jojoba helps by providing anti-inflammatory properties as well as speeding up the healing process. Our Jojoba oil makeup for the face is also great for people with oily skin or acne because, as mentioned earlier, jojoba is similar to the natural face oils we secrete. This can help balance oil production by tricking the body in to thinking there is already enough oil.

Jojoba is also known for being able to generally calm down the skin. This means it can help with mild eczema, sun damage, some pigmentation issues, and even chapped lips, which is why we put it in our lip products.