Natural Lipgloss Products

Natural lip gloss is something everyone should have, and now with our range of lip gloss products you can always have the right shade for the right time.

Whether you are going for a more cute and natural look by wearing gloss by itself for a playful daytime look, or you want to make a bold statement by layering it over a stunning lipstick for the party later in the night, there is always a reason to go glossy.

So, let's take a minute to go over some topics that frequently come up when talking about natural lip gloss and how to use it.

How many shades of natural lip gloss are available?

At the moment we have 19 shades of natural lip gloss available here at Glo Skin Beauty UK, and they're all made to our highest standard of quality using only the finest ingredients. That is 19 different looks you can try just as a start, and then the variations are endless once you start combining our natural lip gloss with your favourite lipstick.

Choosing the right shade for you is largely a matter of personal preference, although most women tend to choose a shade based on their skin tone. So, as a general rule for first-timers, it is recommended to use lighter shades for lighter skin tones, and darker shades for darker skin tones.

The time and place of an event are also factors in which shade of gloss to choose. There are no rules, of course, and you won't get arrested for using the “wrong” shade at any time or place, but there are some general guidelines such as wearing lighter, less intense shades during the daytime and for professional events. You can also experiment with shades that go well with the clothes you intend to wear, while not exactly matching the two colours to avoid looking like you've tried too hard.

How to apply our natural lip gloss:

  • Do it last: Leave your lips as they are until all of your other makeup is done.
  • Prepare the surface: Use a lip balm moisturiser and then either a lip liner or some of your foundation. This is optional, but it will help the lip gloss last longer and look better.
  • Apply to lower lip: Start at the middle of your lower lip and move outward in each direction.
  • Spread it out: Gently press your lips together to evenly spread the gloss to your upper lip.
  • Check it: Now take a good look in the mirror and make sure you haven't coloured outside of the lines. If you have, just wipe it away from the edges with a tissue.

As mentioned earlier, lip gloss can be worn alone or layered over the top of lipstick to add another dimension. After the steps above have been followed and you're happy with the shade of gloss, it is now time to apply lipstick if desired.

It's fun to experiment with all of the combinations, and we have enough shades to keep you going for a while, so take your time and you'll find a few favourites eventually.