Those who suffer from dry skin conditions typically tend to feel like they must avoid makeup and conventional skincare products, so as to avoid worsening of their existing skin concern.

The purpose of using a face mask is to remove excess oils, dead skin, and provide a deeper clean for your pores, leaving them visibly clearer. As you can assume, with the oil removal aspect of the face mask, you can put two and two together and come with an assumption as to why typical face masks may actually dry out skin further.

In this collection, however, you will be glad to find face masks for dry skin, which both effectively hydrate and works to clear the skin’s pores of dead skin and excess oil, without worsening existing dry skin conditions.

What makes a good hydrating mask for dry skin?

The properties of the ideal face mask for dry skin is firstly, to be able to effectively hydrate the skin, and not work to further dry it out.

Dry skin sufferers commonly have to deal with common face mask products with harmful chemicals added to formulations, as well as poor quality filler ingredients that could contribute to worsening of their dry skin condition.

A good hydrating face mask for dry skin sufferers would do the bare minimal, clearing the skin’s pores, cleaning excess oil as well as hydrating and nourishing the skin with active ingredients and vitamins to help maintain the skin’s radiance and elasticity.

Why choose Glo for our face masks for dry skin?

The Glo Skin Beauty UK range of face masks for dry skin are formulated with the finest ingredients, such as cucumber extract in our soothing gel, which helps prevent dry skin with plant-based hydrating ingredients incorporated within.

Our restorative mask is formulated with Vitamin E, which can help temporarily counteract the negative itchy effects of dry skin, by providing adequate moisturisation. Our face masks for dry skin are made up of the finest ingredients, to both help your dry skin condition and improve your overall skin health!

Our products you’ll find in Glo’s range of face masks for dry skin are also free of harmful fillers and additive chemicals such as parabens and talc, which are harmful to the skin and we feel are simply unnecessary to add to our product formulations.

Browse our range of dry skin face masks today and pick the product that suits you best!