Makeup Concealer Products Suitable for Oily Skin

Those who suffer from oily skin may find it difficult to find suitable makeup products that are easy to apply, or don’t smudge throughout the day.

This is due to those suffering from oily skin, producing excessive oil in their pores, which secretes throughout the day and tends to lead to makeup smudging post-application, ruining the ideal look one may be aiming to achieve.

We at Glo Skin Beauty UK have made sure that our oily skin concealers are specially formulated for those with oily skin, to allow easy application, and to suit the purpose, being to conceal spots, fine lines and redness.

What makes a good concealer for oily skin?

When it comes to a suitable concealer for oily skin, one must consider the product formulation, to ensure that the concealer will be easy to apply, and that the concealer is long-lasting, even for oily skin.

A good oily skin concealer is oil free, to allow smooth application of the pigment, and to not make skin any oilier, effectively worsening an oily skin condition.

Our under eye concealer incorporates micronized minerals to help provide a richer, more condensed pigment for smoother, silkier application on oily skin.

So, if your oily skin typically makes concealer fade, our triple-milled formulation can help to provide longer lasting coverage.

Our oil free camouflage concealer is an example of one of our popular oil-free formulations that allow for full coverage, suitable for normal to very oily skin.

What active ingredients are used in your oily skin concealers?

We at Glo incorporate a range of naturally sourced, active ingredients in our range of concealers for oily skin sufferers.

Some of which include vitamin A, which can help reduce excess sebum production. Effective for oily skin sufferers, to help reduce excess oil; targeting the problem, as well as working as an effective concealer.

Green tea extract, another key active ingredient present in our Oil Free Camouflage, targets the root cause of oily skin by minimising oil production altogether in the skin cells.

Vitamin C, another commonly used active ingredient in our concealer products for oily skin, also works by improving the overall retention of moisture and overall hydration of the skin.

Our range of concealers for oily skin are also talc and paraben-free, as well as being formulated with the finest ingredients.