Oily skin can be a burden for many. It can be almost impossible finding makeup, skincare and general products that are fully suitable for oily skin, which can be very inconvenient and upsetting for a good portion of people.

Good news is with our range of face masks for oily skin, these products have been specially formulated to be suitable for this specific skin type, so you need not fret when browsing this range for your desired natural face mask product.

When picking a face mask for oily skin, you want to ensure it will be easy to apply to the face’s surface, as well as ensuring that the product itself doesn’t exasperate or worsen your existing skin condition.

What makes a face mask suitable oily skin?

When considering a natural face mask, in general, the purpose is to secure a gentle, natural face mask that can be used regularly and incorporated into the skin routine. For oily skin sufferers it’s a little different.

As oily skin in its nature is more prone to breakouts and acne than, for instance, dry skin, it is ideal that you get a face mask that effectively works to unclog your pores and remove trapped oil and dirt. With oily skin the face mask would have to be that little bit more effective.

Clay is a commonly used ingredient to help draw out facial oils, and commonly used in face masks for oily skin. However it is warned to only wear a clay face mask for 15 minutes, and no more than 3 times a week as it can dry out the skin, our refining mask is an example of a face mask for oily skin that utilises clay.

Charcoal is another active ingredient that works to effectively lower excess oil in the skin, effectively reducing the likelihood of acne breakouts and the appearance of blackheads. We use charcoal as one of our main ingredients for our Charcoal Detox Mask.

Why chose glo for my face masks for oily skin?

Glo specifically ensures that we do not use any parabens, harmful chemicals, and all our Glo’s natural skincare and makeup range, as well as our range of face masks for oily skin, are talc-free.

Our range of Glo oily skin face masks are also formulated with a range of active ingredients proven to help oily skin stay under wraps.

With our oily skin face mask range sporting active ingredients such as charcoal and clay in our formulations, you can be sure that our face masks won’t just assist with keeping your pores clear, but also in working to actively reduce the negative symptoms of oily skin that may be an inconvenience in your day to day.

Browse our range of face masks for oily skin sufferers today and add this quality product range to your skin routine.