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Foundation Products for Oily Skin Sufferers

Having to live with oily skin can be a real pain, especially when it comes to picking suitable makeup products as well as general skincare.

But those who have combination skin need not suffer from the symptoms of it. At Glo, we have a selection of foundations available in a range of shades to suit your skin tone, specially formulated for use on oily skin. 

With the active ingredients incorporated in our product formulas and properties especially suited to oily skin, our foundations for combination skin are the solution you’re looking for.

What makes makeup good for oily skin?

What makes Glo’s range of foundations so good for use on oily skin, is our oil absorbent formulas we use to prevent excessive oil production which may usually lead to smudging of your foundation.

Another property to look for in foundation for oily skin is a semi-matte to matte finish, to counteract the shiny skin appearance that comes with excessive oil production, with a matte tone.

Our patented Pressed Base Mineral Powder Foundation is a foundation powder with a semi-matte finish, specially formulated for oily skin.

Our Loose Matte Finishing Powder, is a mineral-based finishing powder ideal for the soaking up of oil, ensuring your look is as long-lasting as can be.

When picking makeup products for your oily skin it is important to consider the two main aspects:

Pick a product with a semi-matte to matte finish, and an oil-absorbing formula to prevent excessive oil that may lead to the smudging of your looks.

Why choose Glo for my oily skin makeup?

If you buy your oily skin makeup from us at Glo Skin Beauty, you can rest assured knowing the makeup products you’re buying are talc-free and contain no parabens - harmful preservatives that can damage the skin.

Other than that, we pride ourselves in creating makeup specially formulated to help counteract the skin conditions one is suffering from. In this case, we work to create makeup products for oily skin that work to absorb excess oil and provide a finish that can reduce the appearance of oily skin.

Our oily skin makeup products also contain active ingredients, minerals and vitamins to help further boost the skin’s overall health and natural glow.

Our range is expertly formulated with oily absorbing properties, active ingredients and are talc and paraben free, which is more than what many common high street brands offer!