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Foundation Suitable for Sensitive Skin Sufferers

For those suffering from sensitive skin, the first thing you do when looking into a skincare product is check the ingredients, to make sure that there isn’t any ingredient, additive or preservative included within that could worsen your existing skin condition.

Sensitive skin can be a real struggle to deal with. That’s why when choosing a foundation, you want to ensure you’re picking one made of the finest quality ingredients, that are gentle on the skin.

Find out more about what makes Glo’s foundation products ideal for sensitive skin sufferers.

What makes your foundation products suitable for sensitive skin?

What makes our foundation products suitable for sensitive skin, is the abundance of natural ingredients included in the formulations, as well as the lack of harmful filler ingredients and preservatives commonly associated with further worsening of sensitive skin conditions.

Our Redness Relief Powder, for instance, is formulated with honey suckle, zinc oxide and caffeine, specifically formulated with rich minerals to soothe irritated and inflamed skin.

Our foundation products are also suitable for sensitive skin as they also contain additional benefits such as SPF, which can help to prevent further skin damage from UV rays which can worsen sensitive skin.

Our range of foundation products are suitable for sensitive skin due to the antioxidant blends and other gentle skin ingredients incorporated within, to provide additional nutrients as well as working as an effective natural foundation.

Why should I choose Glo for my sensitive skin foundation?

There are a few reasons why you should choose Glo as your ideal choice for foundation products for sensitive skin.

Our mineral formulations have active ingredients included within to provide the skin with additional health benefits to further help your sensitive skin condition.

As well as the added beneficial ingredients, our range of foundations for sensitive skin are also free of talc and parabens that can easily worsen your skin conditions.

We don’t believe in using these harmful chemicals for makeup products, as they simply aren’t necessary and do more harm than good.

Choose Glo for your source of foundation for sensitive skin. You’ll receive quality products that will improve upon your existing condition, not worsen it - and your skin will benefit from a healthy glow (or Glo) as a result.