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Dry skin can be pretty unpredictable, is prone to irritation, and needs constant maintenance as the seasons change. When it comes to dry skin and makeup powder products it can get complicated.

Sometimes we’re worried whether a powder’s going to cake or look flake, as powder makeup tends to cling to dry areas of the face, which can make the skin look patchy and the makeup, poorly applied.

With a lot of high street brands that use harmful filler ingredients and chemicals in their products, it’s hard to find makeup that doesn’t actually worsen dry skin. Our makeup powders are actually specialised for those with dry skin, with natural ingredients in our products to help improve, as well as work well for dry skin.

What makes a good powder for dry skin?

For those with dry skin, we recommend using our powders for dry skin, in conjunction with our natural dry skin primers, to get the best coverage. Common makeup powders tend to clump and flake for those with dry skin, but there are good quality powders suitable for dry skin sufferers too.

A good powder for dry skin would work to provide good coverage, as well as extra benefits such as SPF to help prevent further drying out of the skin from environmental factors. The best makeup powder for dry skin is one that is somewhat hydrating, but not greasy, so you get the coverage, without any negative side effects.

Ideally the best powder for dry skin would also be free of harmful chemicals and filler ingredients such as talc and parabens, which tend to worsen dry skin and cause irritation. We at Glo Skin Beauty don’t use any harmful fillers, our products are talc free, and void of parabens.

Why choose Glo for your powders for dry skin?

As a cruelty-free makeup brand in the UK, our makeup powders for dry skin are made of natural ingredients to provide your skin with extra benefits so you get even more from the use of our products.

Our makeup powders for dry skin such as the Glo Pressed Base Powder is a mineral foundation that provides UV protection, is made up of natural ingredients that are packed with antioxidants and is also suitable for numerous other skin types, such as acne prone skin.

Our makeup powders for dry skin, as well as our numerous other products, are created with love in order to provide makeup products for everyone to be able to use, no matter what skin type you may have, you can still achieve that glow.