Finishing Powders Suitable for use on Oily Skin

Oily skin sufferers may find it hard to find suitable products for their skin type. These products ranging from sun protection, makeup and general skincare products.

Oily skin does tend to make these products a little harder to apply, which is why it is imperative you pick products specialised for your specific skin type.

When it comes to finishing powders, the finishing touch to your makeup look, you want to ensure you’ve got a reliable setting powder that will work for your skin type, to also serve the purpose of a regular setting powder.

Our natural makeup powders are ideal for oily skin sufferers, with our special formulations and active ingredients, our face powders are perfect for those with normal to the oiliest of skin.

What is oily skin powder?

Oily skin powders are face setting powders, usually with oil-free formulations, with non-comedogenic properties making this range of setting powder products suitable for both oily skin sufferers, as well as those who are prone to acne.

With a loose setting powder suitable for oily skin, it works to absorb excess sebum that can be produced by one who suffers from excessively oily skin.

We provide oily skin setting powders to suit your complexion, and work to suit you, regardless of whether you have combination skin, or not.

What active ingredients are used in your setting powders for oily skin?

Our setting powders for oily skin are formulated with the finest active ingredients to ensure you’re not just getting the product you pay for, but more additional benefits, all in one pretty package.

Our Loose matte finishing powder is a loose powder formulated with rice powder, which helps to absorb excess oil, ensuring long-lasting coverage of your makeup looks throughout the day, whilst also working as a non-comedogenic finishing powder.

Our Brow powder duo is formulated with Green Tea Extract which helps to remove excess sebum and oil from the skin’s surface, ideal for those with excessively oily skin.

Our popular Glo blush is also another setting powder for oily skin specially formulated with the active ingredient Vitamin A, also helping to reduce excess sebum production in the skin cells.

Our range of natural makeup finishing powders for oily skin sufferers incorporate naturally sourced active ingredients to help reduce production of oil (or sebum) in the skin cells.

Not to mention all of our natural finishing powders, as well as skincare and makeup range, are talc-free and free of parabens and other commonly-used, potentially harmful filler ingredients.