Face Primer Products for Dry Skin

Those who suffer from dry skin may find it harder to find products suitable for them, especially when it comes to primer.

Many high street brands sell primer products that may dry skin out further, so when choosing primer for dry skin, you’d want to ensure you’re picking a primer that is effective for use on your dry skin and doesn’t worsen your already existing symptoms.

Why do I need a primer for my dry skin?

Makeup cannot be properly applied to the face if your skin’s dry and flakey. The end result will look: Well… dry and flakey.

It is imperative that one who suffers from dry skin uses an appropriate primer. In this case the appropriate primer, would be hydrating and gentle on the skin, so as to allow easy layering of makeup, and not dry out the skin even further.

A hydrating primer will work to both allow the seamless application of makeup but would also provide a from-within glow due to the hydrated skin, which will last for hours on end.

So, the importance of our primers for dry skin, especially for those who wear makeup, is to provide your skin with an extra protective barrier and counteract the symptoms of dry skin, providing hydration and allowing smooth application of your makeup.

Why should I choose Glo for my dry skin primers?

We at Glo Skin Beauty UK provide specially formulated dry skin primers that have a range of benefits for the skin, as well as serving the purpose of a “normal” primer.

Our range of primers for dry skin, for example, our Tinted Primer, provides SPF 30 protection, to further protect the skin from the sun’s rays, which may work to further dry out the skin.

Our range of face primers for dry skin are suitable for numerous skin types as well as dry skin, including sensitive and excessively oily skin, meaning it is suitable for a range of purposes.

Not to mention the fact that our primer products for dry skin, as well as the rest of our vast product range, are free of parabens and talc - fillers commonly used in the beauty industry, which we don’t believe in adding to our products.