Primer Products for Oily Skin Sufferers

With many people suffering from oily skin or oily skin-related conditions, it’s no surprise that many may struggle to find products suitable for them to use.

Primers specifically are funny when it comes to being suitable for oily skin, as the excess oil may make it difficult for the primer to be applicated in the first place.

Our primers for oily skin have been specially formulated with active ingredients and special techniques to ensure oily skin symptoms are improved, as well as allowing for easy application of makeup for oily skin sufferers.

What makes a good primer for oily skin sufferers?

When it comes to primer for oily skin, what you should be looking for is a primer product that is oil free, preferably water based, to provide a mattifying effect to lower the appearance of skin shine that can stem from oily skin symptoms.

Our Glo Mattifying Primer is water-based and provides an invisible matte finish, reducing the appearance of pores and humbling the skin shine that comes from excessively oily skin.

Our oil-free primers are non-comedogenic, so work both to let the skin breathe, as well as providing a layer over the skin to allow for seamless makeup application. Our non-comedogenic formulas also make our natural primers suitable for acne sufferers, too.

Primers for oily skin with additional benefits

Our range of primers are oil free, so from the get-go are already suited specifically for those with oily skin, by not adding anymore oil into the mix from our products.

Our oily skin primers are also non-comedogenic, so do not clog your pores, and are suitable for both oily skin sufferers, as well as those wishing to find suitable primers for their acne-skin.

Some of our primers for oily skin are also formulated with SPF, such as our tinted primer, with SPF 30, providing natural, additional sun protection as well as working as an effective primer.

Our primers for oily skin are formulated specifically to be suitable for easy application on oily skin, are non-comedogenic, provide SPF, and don’t clog pores and so are suitable for those with acne prone skin.