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Retinol Skin Care

Our range of mineral skin products with Retinol are ideal for fighting ageing. Visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles with this incredible formulation. Plus, our Retinol skin care products diminish pore-size and even skin texture irregularities for smooth, radiant skin.

Treat skin conditions from sun damage and pigmentation to dull and acne skin. Clear and glowing skin has never been so easy with our Retinol skin care products.

What does Retinol do for skin?

One of the main benefits of Retinol is that it promotes new skin cell turnover by allowing the old cells to simply wash away quicker than usual, which uncovers the fresh and beautiful layer of new skin cells underneath. 

Retinol also helps to diminish the appearance of dark spots from sun exposure, hyperpigmentation, light scarring, and hormonal changes over time. In short, Retinol does all of this by communicating with the damaged skin cells and bringing back their regular, healthy function again.

This damage could be from free radicals due to sun exposure, for example, and Retinol attempts to stop this invasion by assisting the damaged cells. Ultimately, this means that the healthier cells can carry more collagen, and more collagen is great for skin health.

Skin products with Retinol are used to treat a variety of conditions such as those described above and can even come in prescription form for certain strengths and applications. However, here at Glo Skin Beauty we do not use the prescription form as it can cause skin irritation for some. On the other hand, the non-prescription form is so well tolerated by so many people that dermatologists can't recommend it enough, and our retinol serum UK customers agree.

What vitamin is Retinol?

Retinoids, and Retinol itself, are derivatives of vitamin A. This nutrient can come in two forms, Retinoids and Carotenoids. However, in either case it will be converted by your liver into Retinol. It is essential for the body, and is most beneficial to the skin, eyes, immune system, and also reproductive health. Here at Glo Skin Beauty we are focused on the benefits to skin and, as you just read above, there are many benefits to talk about.

To get the most benefits from it, and particularly when using it to treat acne, it is important to apply vitamin A (Retinol) in topical form such as a serum, sunscreen, or similar application. It's not enough to simply eat a diet high in vitamin A or take supplements. In fact, vitamin A deficiency is quite rare in most developed countries so it's generally not a dietary problem.

Another important point to remember is that, as with all essential nutrients, Retinol skin benefits will be most noticeable when it is used on a long-term basis as part of your regular skin care routine. If you stop using it, you will gradually lose the benefits that had built up.