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Wake up your face with Glo Skin Beauty Liquid Bright Concealer. A lightweight, liquid concealer pen that provides impeccable coverage while bringing light and brightness to your complexion. This corrective concealer instantly reduces signs of fatigue and shadows by cancelling out unwanted colour and masking imperfections. Soften the look of fine lines and improve skin’s radiance with a non-comedogenic liquid concealer that leverages diamond powder technology to deliver superior, customizable correction to any skin tone.

Our natural liquid concealer is available in three shades to target various issues. The ivory shade in high beam provides overall concealing whil brightening. The golden shade in brighten cancels out redness while brightening choose. The peach concealer shade in sunburst elimiantes sallowness/dark under eye circles whilst also brightening.


Suitable for all skin types but oily skin.
Suitable for rosacea, hyperpigmentation, mature and sensitive skin.

Apply Luminous Liquid Bright Concealer anywhere you want to brighten and conceal. Click the bottom of the liquid concealer pen applicator to distribute product onto the tip of the brush, then apply to the desired areas of the face. Lightly blend product with brush tip, fingertips or Dual Foundation/Camouflage Brush.

While all three shades brighten, high beam is the ideal shade to act as a highlight concealer. It delivers maximum highlighting, overall brightening and works especially well for fair to light skin tones as a general concealer.
To achieve a professional level highlight application, apply high beam to the high points of the face (centre of forehead, brow bone, bridge of nose, upper cheekbone, bow of the lip and centre of chin).
For the best redness corrector choose shade brighten.
Eliminate sallowness, shadows and dark under eye circles with sunburst.

This product is part of a professional makeup range specifically designed by dermatologists to be worn on both normal and post-procedure treated skin.