Serums Suitable for use on Oily Skin

Our range of treatment serums for oily skin are ideal for those who need a lightweight moisturiser to effectively penetrate and deliver nutrients to skin, specifically for those with oily skin.

There are a variety of oily skin serums available on the market, however, quality is usually questionable.

With Glo you can rest assured knowing you are receiving quality skincare and makeup products made with natural ingredients, providing additional benefits and especially suited for your skin, in this case, oily skin.

What’s an oily skin serum?

An oily skin serum is a serum that penetrates deeply within the skin’s cells to moisturise and regulate oil and sebum production. Oily skin serums in particular, are great at penetrating pores that may be blocked by excess oils.

Other serums may leave one’s skin feeling greasy, as they aren’t fully formulated to be suitable for oily skin. With Glo’s range, we have special formulations specifically designed for absorption and regulation of oil production in the skin cells.

Our serums are targeted treatments with the intention to unclog and minimise pores to keep skin clear and balanced – In essence, an oily skin serum is a powerful lightweight specially formulated to penetrate oil-clogged pores and provide the skin with the adequate moisture it needs.

What active ingredients are in your serums for oily skin?

Our range of serums for oily skin are formulated with active ingredients, including vitamins and minerals to help provide the skin with much needed nutrients.

Our Daily Hydration, for example, is made with Vitamin B-5, to help balance the skin’s moisture levels, providing the user with adequate, lasting hydration throughout the day.

Other active ingredients we incorporate in our natural oily skin serums include HyA Mini, a smaller molecular version of hyaluronic acid, in our Daily Hydration +, to penetrate deeper into pores, allowing for better hydration and nourishment, as well as plumping of the skin, making it ideal for mature as well as oily skin.

Our daily power C + skin serum incorporates vitamin C, which helps in the production of collagen, and works as an antioxidant, also providing anti-ageing benefits as well as being a suitable oily skin serum.

Our serums for oily skin incorporate many useful minerals and vitamins, as well as a range of other active ingredients to help support skin health. We also don’t believe in the use of harmful fillers and preservatives such as talc and parabens, we feel they simply aren’t necessary.