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Sensitive skin can be, well, a sensitive topic. When it comes to picking a serum for sensitive skin, it is essential that you consider how your skin will react to it, depending on the severity of your skin’s sensitivity.

The main issue with common skin serums is the possibility that they may cause irritation for one who suffers from sensitive skin. There are a varying range of strengths and types of serum, the search can get exhausting, and in some ways confusing, yet you need to make sure you’re making the right choice.

The ideal serum for sensitive skin is a serum made up of natural ingredients, so as to not worsen the existing skin condition. The common issue among numerous common skin serums is the prevalent use of filler ingredients and chemicals in their products.

What ingredients should those with sensitive skin avoid using?

A common suspect among numerous skin serums are parabens, that should definitely be avoided, especially those with sensitive skin as this tends to lead to irritation. But what are parabens?

Parabens are a preservative that mimics estrogen by binding to receptors within the skin cells, which could potentially affect your hormone production, which could even lead to breakouts.

For sensitive skin in particular, parabens tend to worsen skin issues in those with eczema and similar concerns, as well as irritation - which is why they should be avoided, and why we ensure we do!

Another common ingredient added in skin serums in general are perfumes and fragrances, usually made up of a barrage of chemicals that can cause irritation in those with sensitive skin. Sensitive skin sufferers are advised to avoid too many chemicals and fillers, and opt for more natural skin serum formulations.

What makes Glo’s skin serums suitable for sensitive skin sufferers?

Our range of skin serums for sensitive skin sufferers are specifically formulated, much like our wide range of cosmetics products, to be void of harmful chemicals and fillers that may worsen sensitive skin symptoms.

What makes us truly different at Glo, is our product range consisting of serums that are specifically made to not only be suitable for sensitive skin, but to also help provide extra protection beyond just the average skin serum’s benefits.

Our corrective soothing serum, for example is designed for even the most sensitive of skin, to help rebuild it’s its protective barrier, as well as provide hydration and nourishment, without irritating the skin.