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A natural skin smoother is imperative to add to your daily routine, considering the environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors that may affect your skin’s ability to maintain a smooth texture.

As these factors can contribute to the drying out of your skin in general, it is well worth considering quality products for the skin that can maintain its smooth texture.

What active ingredients help with smoothing skin?

When it comes to skin smoothing, the goal is to ensure we’re maintaining the skin’s natural elasticity, whilst improving upon its general appearance.

We at Glo Skin Beauty UK use natural active ingredients across our range of products, with a range of different properties, but all contributing to help you achieve smoother skin.

Active ingredients useful in the formulation of our skin smoothing products include:

Glycolic acid – stimulates exfoliation; improves skin texture, uneven pigmentation and fine lines.

Mulberry extract – found in Retinol Smoothing Serum inhibits tyrosinase for skin brightening. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Retinol- Smooths skin by stimulating collagen production and cell turnover.

Vitamin C - Which works as an antioxidant, getting rid of free radicals that are responsible for breaking down skin cells and altering its appearance. Vitamin C is used in our skin smoothing products to also help to protect from UV damage and to reduce the likelihood of fine lines and wrinkles appearing. 

Green Tea extract  - Another natural active ingredient we use in our formulations, green tea extract also works as an antioxidant, as well as an anti inflammatory, also commonly used in some of our anti ageing products.

What makes a good skin smoothing product?

When considering which skin smoother product to incorporate into your regular skin routine, you must first consider whether the product itself, is gentle enough to use on a regular basis.

With us at Glo, we don’t use harmful parabens, fillers and chemicals to bulk up our products, so you can rest assured knowing that choosing from our range of skin smoothing products, you shouldn’t expect to have any adverse reactions.

If you are somebody who suffers from dry, greasy or sensitive skin, it would be best to make sure beforehand that the skin smoother in question is suitable for you. A good skin smoothing product is versatile, made up of quality, natural ingredients and is suitable for regular use.

Browse our range of natural skin smoothing products today, and see the difference our gentle products have on effectively smoothing your skin!