Teenage Skin

Teenage Skin Care

Glo Skin Beauty has a range of teenage skincare products that are affordable, effective, and made from only the highest quality ingredients. Whether you need a concealer that is suitable for acne-prone skin, or you just need a good moisturiser that isn't full of nasty chemicals, there is something here to help soothe and repair your skin while you look great at the same time.

First of all, before you go browsing through the products available here, it may help to know a little bit about how skincare for teenage skin is different from the usual and how you could benefit from it.

What is different about teenage skin?

There are the obvious differences such as teenagers unfortunately being more prone to having acne breakouts, and more severe in many cases, but there are some lesser known differences too. Teenagers are also more likely to have issues with sensitive skin and redness compared to most adults. So, the main points about dealing with teenage skin are to be gentle with the ingredients used and very mindful about how to manage acne.

Another important point is controlling the natural oils of the skin, even for teenagers who don't have unusually oily skin. If you can get the oils balanced, no matter what the skin type, it will go a long way in preventing breakouts or at least help make them less severe and more easily covered up.

Because younger skin is more prone to acne, it also becomes more important to keep it clean. That means washing hands before using them to apply makeup or other products, not sharing makeup with other people, and removing makeup before sleeping. All of that can seem like a hassle, particularly not being able to use your friend's makeup, but it will really help cut down on the amount of infections and bacteria.

What products can help with my skin?

Now that we know what we're dealing with, let's take a look at some of the best in teen skin care products here at Glo Skin Beauty. First of all, you're going to need a good sunscreen if you want to keep your skin looking nice and healthy – it doesn't need to be hot outside for the sun to leave its mark on you. So, try a product such as our Oil-Free SPF 40+ Sunscreen for its high UV protection and hydrating ingredients.

Next, we should talk about acne. Oil-free products are great, such as our Camouflage Concealer for covering up blemishes and light scarring or rosacea, which also contains vitamins and botanicals to soothe and repair skin over time. You get the coverage you need right now and you get healthier, better looking skin later with less blemishes to hide.

Non-comedogenic is another word that you should get to know. Basically, it means that a product allows your pores to breathe. This is very important for everyone, but particularly for teenagers dealing with acne and other conditions. For daily acne management try our Purifying Gel Cleanser that will purify and protect your skin without smothering your pores