Skin Serums & Creams 

Should I use a serum?

Skin serums can be great for many people for many reasons, but they are generally not considered to be an essential part of the routine for most people. A serum is not the same as a moisturiser, which will be explained further in a moment, and it is also important to note that each serum is formulated to help with a specific skin issue – they are not all created equal.

For example, someone who is experiencing issues with skin around the neck in particular would go for our Neck Firming Serum for a non-surgical anti-ageing solution. This goal is accomplished by boosting hyaluronic acid and collagen production and by adding moisture to the affected area, resulting in a younger appearance.

When dealing with mature or acne prone skin, one of our Retinol-based natural skin serums would be more useful. These formulations contain ingredients such as Retinol, Glycolic acid, and mulberry extract which each play a part in minimising fine lines on your face, reducing the appearance of pores and irregularities, stimulating exfoliation, and nourishing your skin with anti-inflammatory properties.

What serum is good for dry skin?

Anyone who suffers from dry and lifeless skin should take a look at our Daily Hydration serum for a solution. These hydrating skin serums not only help maintain moisture levels – they also help your skin against some environmental concerns by fighting off free radical damage. Our Daily Hydration serum also includes Saccharide Isomerate which acts as an emollient on your skin and is recommended for anyone with dry skin.

Serums that contain Hyaluronic Acid such as our Daily Hydration+ provide an added level of benefit by being able to penetrate deeper in to the skin to hydrate, plump up, and nourish the skin.

What's the difference between a serum and a moisturiser?

In basic terms: the purpose of a moisturiser is to hydrate the skin – a serum usually hydrates as well but is more often used with a specific purpose in mind. Conditions that may be treated by serums include wrinkles and fine lines, sagging neck skin, Hyperpigmentation, or even scarring.

So, as you can see by looking at the large range of products here at Glo Skin Beauty or anywhere else, skin serums do much more for many different issues compared to a regular old moisturiser which is obviously designed to add and retain moisture as its main goal. Moisturisers may do other things, but they weren't designed for it and most likely won't be as effective as products that have been formulated to help with specific skin conditions.

The reason that moisturisers are less effective is not just because the product wasn't designed for your particular skin issue – it's because of the weight. Serums are lighter than moisturisers and therefore penetrate the skin much better when compared to lotions or creams that will struggle to go deeper than the top layer of skin. Serums also use higher quality ingredients at a higher concentration compared to regular moisturisers.