Daily Hydration+

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Glo Skin Beauty Daily Hydration+ instantly rejuvenates and nourishes skin with an intense dose of weightless hydration. This innovative Hyaluronic Acid serum helps smooth and refine skin's surface while preventing dehydration and transepidermal water loss.


  • Weightlessly Hydrates Dehydrated Skin
  • Recommended for All Skin Types with Aging/Age Prevention Concerns
  • Helps to Fill Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • This formula is the ultimate hydration serum. Featuring two forms of the powerful humectant, Hyaluronic Acid, critical moisture is delivered and maintained in the skin
  • Can be Applied Daily
  • Perfect for Morning or Night Application
  • Combine with A High Dose of Vitamin C For Even Better Results! Daily Power C+ Serum Is The Perfect Match For Daily Hydration+
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    Clinical Study

    Anti-wrinkle effect after 28 days of treatment – face
    •  Decrease of the total surface area of wrinkles by 24%
    •  Decrease of the number of wrinkles by 19%
    •  Decrease of the length of wrinkles by 26%

    After 28 days of treatment – face
    80% of women declared that their wrinkles
    seem to have decreased

    • Testing made on 20 women during 28 days
    • Assessment of anti-wrinkle effect by analysis of cutaneous prints (Quantirides)
    • Emulsion with 0.1% of Sweet Iris (powder)



    This product is part of a professional skincare range specifically designed by dermatologists to be used on both normal and post-procedure treated skin.