Topical vitamin C-infused beauty products

Vitamin C is not a mystery ingredient or a newcomer to the makeup and skincare world. It has been tried and tested for decades and it has been established as an effective and powerful ingredient. We have formulated our own exclusive blends of topical vitamin C products that will give visible results on the outside while also strengthening skin from the inside.

Whether you are out in the sun a lot or you live in a city where pollution is an issue, or you just want to deal with the natural ageing process, you can benefit from using vitamin C serums and other topical applications.

Powerful Vitamin C skin products

Our most popular serums are the Daily Power C and then the upgraded version Daily Power C + which both deliver a powerful dose of vitamin C directly where it is needed, with other beneficial ingredients to help it along. Either of these products can be used every day after cleansing and toning for the best results and to maximise environmental protection.

The main difference between our most popular vitamin C skin products is that the C + contains peptides to make it even more powerful and protective. This defends your skin against direct and indirect UV rays which would otherwise cause damage to your DNA and proteins. In basic terms, this means that your skin is protected from some of the signs of premature ageing which are most often caused by sun exposure.

As you can see by the range of Vitamin C products here, we also use the active ingredient in more than just our high-dose serums. You can also get a smaller daily dose from many other makeup and skin care products that you're already using, such as lipstick and sunscreen, and you could benefit from making the switch to one of ours that contain more nourishing ingredients than others.

Vitamin C benefits for skin

Everyone is talking about antioxidants in the makeup and skincare world, and that naturally leads to interest in serums and what kind of vitamin C benefits for their skin they should expect. Topical vitamin C for the skin is not just a strong antioxidant – it also encourages new collagen production. These two factors alone have made it popular among dermatologists and makeup experts alike, because collagen production plays a big role in fighting the signs of ageing skin.

As mentioned earlier about our Daily Power serums, vitamin C also provides great protection against environmental damage such as UVA and UVB rays while also bringing long-lasting hydration to the skin. Staying hydrated and protected from the sun's rays has been well-established to be effective in preventing premature ageing. So, if you don't think you're ready for a serum yet, at least try switching to an Oil-Free SPF 40+ Sunscreen infused with vitamin C and other ingredients to keep you looking younger.

To see the real benefits from vitamin C it must be applied topically to the skin, so it's not enough to simply eat the right food as part of your diet – you need to put it directly where it's required, also. Our topical Vitamin C products are perfect for those who wish for a natural, effective anti-ageing solution.