Gentle Cream Cleanser

Glo Skin Beauty Gentle Cream Cleanser is a light cream skin cleanser designed to thoroughly remove makeup, excess oil and debris. What makes this one of the top skin cleansers is that whilst it effectively cleanses skin, it also respects the natural moisture balance of even the most sensitive skin. Making this a perfect cleanser for rosacea skin. Effective for calming irritated, itching and allergic skin, it's formulated with properties that can heal wounds, alleviate sunburn, prevent dehydration and increase cell turnover. Use as a daily cleanser to promote the skin’s self repair mechanism thereby helping to protect, heal and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Desert Date Fruit Extract – A plant-based complex derived from three botanicals that have longstanding histories of use as gentle surfactants. This synergistic combination provides a luxurious light foam that effectively cleanses the skin.
Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract – Containing high amounts of Vitamins C and E, omega fatty acids and betacarotene, this skin-benefiting berry is used as an effective cleansing agent and soothing emollient. Its properties also include wound healing, alleviating sunburn, preventing dehydration and increasing cell turnover.
Shikakai Extract – With a low pH combined with foaming qualities, this plant extract naturally complements a mild cleanser formula. In Ayurvedic traditions, Shikakai is a commonly used plant because of its many remedial qualities and refreshing properties.
Pomegranate Seed Extract – A powerful antioxidant rich in fatty acids, Vitamins C, E and K, as well as polyphenols. Known for its nourishing and moisturising properties, it promotes the skin’s self repair mechanism thereby helping protect, heal and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Effective at calming irritated, itching and allergic skin.
Oat Beta Glucan – Oats have been used for centuries to provide moisture and comfort. In addition to anti-irritant properties, clinical studies have shown the ability to help improve firmness and elasticity, promote healing and reduce discolouration while protecting skin against UV radiation.


All skin types, especially sensitive.

Apply skin cleanser for rosacea skin to dampened face and massage gently for 60 seconds. Rinse with warm water. Follow with Calming Flower Mist, Corrective Soothing Serum and/or Balancing Moisture Remedy. Use daily.

This product is free of dyes, fragrance, parabens, gluten, nuts and soy.

This product is part of a professional skincare range specifically designed by dermatologists to be used on both normal and post-procedure treated skin.

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